Introduction Edit

Xiphactinus was a large bony fish from the Cretaceous oceans around 100-66 million years ago. Xiphactinus was known to have swallowed large animals whole as some fossils suggest.

Cloning Edit

Xiphinactus is the first fish cloned, which is an achievement, and was done by inserting the embryos into a genetically atered barracuda. They were quite aggressive at first, but they bred the more docile ones and ended up with 30 that know not to mess with people. Instead, they go for much easier meals that won't come back to haunt them.

Feeding Edit

The fish are fed by a pipe that releases dozens of captive bred tuna. The fish can be expected to eat them instantly, due to a voracious appetite.

Enclosure Edit

Xiphinactus is kept in the aquarium. To reach it, go forward, take a right and take a left. Look to the right and you should see it.

Projects Edit

The only project was selectively breeding for individuals that do not eat humans.