They are the first of two velociraptor species discovered. They lived throughout Asia during the campanian, 75 million years ago. Some animals they lived with include oviraptor and protoceratops. The environment velociraptor lived in was a hot and sandy desert, with a few streams providing water. Velociraptor is one of the most famous dromaeosaurids, being featured in Michael Crichton’s jurassic Park, And later the film adaptation, a sequel to the novel, and the other four Jurassic Park films. However, those velociraptors were larger than real velociraptors, lacked feathers(being covered in scales instead), and being shrink-wrapped in some areas to name a few inaccuracies. Real velociraptors were a few feet tall, resembled eagles and their orbit and Antorbital fenestra weren’t visible. Another inaccuracy is the ability to promote wrists, which no dinosaur, living or extinct, was or is capable of doing. Velociraptors also couldn’t open doors, as they weren’t THAT intelligent, despite being intelligent for a dinosaur. Something velociraptors, including ours, can do is raptor prey restraint. This is a hunting method most dromaeosaurids could do, and something that would have been effective at killing prey. However, our raptors are fed raw meat from animals already dead. Sometimes, we let them hunt a special breed of pig, of which is meant to give them an opportunity to hunt. Our velociraptors are brown, with yellow skin and blue scales on their feet. There are four of them, each in one tightly knit family. Of the four are three females and a male.