Introduction Edit

Titanis walleri is a species of terror bird last walking on the earth around 1.8 million years prior to cloning. It lived in North America, making it the only North American terror bird, and was also the most recent. Their closest living relatives are seriemas. They may have hunted small to medium sized prey. Titanis may have coexisted with Xenosmilus, glyptodon, and megatherium. Titanis is one of the more popular of the terror birds.

Cloning Edit

Titanis was the first terror bird planned for the terror bird exhibit, which originally was going to be called Titanis plains. They then decided to have titanis, Phorusrhacos, and Kelenken coexist. They made the exhibit large enough to house all of them, and allow for space, exercise, individual territories and exploration. Then the birds were brought back to life using bones from well preserved individuals, and created 30 viable embryos, which were inserted into ostrich eggs. They were all placed after they matured. Luckily they didn't reproduce often. The other two were cloned the day after.

Feeding Edit

Tapirs are mass produced to feed these birds. They often peck their heads until they die. Around 30 tapirs are released a feeding.

Enclosure Edit

Titanis coexists with Phorusrhacos and Kelenken. It formerly lived with Gastornis and Brontornis, but after a Kelenken killed a Brontornis and a titanis killed a gastornis, they were separated, with them getting their own exhibits. The terror bird enclosure goes 5 meters into the ground, with a doorway into the exhibit accessible via hill if leaving the pen. Most of it is Plains, but some is Rivers, ponds, waterfalls, hills, lush forests and mudflats. It is around the same size as the Smilodon enclosure. One can see the birds if they cross the bridge.

Projects Edit

Titanis is part of the same project as Smilodon.