Introduction Edit

Smilodon populator is a species of Smilodon from the Pleistocene and Holocene. It was native to South America. It may have been an ambush predator, as the animal likely couldn't go as fast as a modern tiger or lion. despite oftentimes being called a tiger, it is actually closer to smaller cats than to the genus panthera.

Cloning Edit

Some fundraising allowed the extraction of Smilodon populator DNA. Around twenty embryos were created. They were injected into an African lion named Leo. They matured six years later. They and the Smilodon fatalis were transported to Captain's Blood Island. After that, an exhibit was built. A lot of terraforming paid off. They seemed rather satisfied with their new home.

Feeding Edit

Smilodon populator are often fed pronghorns or dehorned cattle, just like Smilodon fatalis.

Exhibit Edit

The Smilodon populator was housed with Smilodon fatalis. Forests surround the left and right areas while a few caves act as shelters for the smilodons, though some go unused. A few waterfalls and rivers make the landscape look prettier. In the middle is a vast plain. Smilodon gracilis is planned to be housed with them.

Projects Edit

Smilodon populator is part of a rewilding program, the same one as fatalis. It is also part of a program where Smilodon populator be used as guard animals.