Introduction Edit

Panthera spelaea Is a species of big cat that lived in Russia at around the same time as most other Pleistocene beasts.

Cloning Edit

After the Smilodon were cloned, Mr. Scott went on to clone cave lions. He went out into the Russian tundras and on his journey acquired two specimens named Bill and bob. He managed to create forty viable embryos, and spared ten. He used an African lion from his local zoo as a surrogate.

Feeding Edit

Panthera spelaea are fed pronghorns daily. Their hunting groups can be made up of six individuals.

Exhibit Edit

The big cats are housed in a place meant to replicate the habitats of Pleistocene cave dwellers.

Projects Edit

Panthera spelaea are going to be released into the wilds of the Russian tundras alongside mammoths, Irish elk, cave bears, a few locally extinct species and maybe a species of conifer.