Introduction Edit

Mosasaurus lived in america during the late Cretaceous. Sea levels were much higher, and so much of what is now America was submerged in water. Mosasaurus was also found anywhere other than antarctica and likely preferred shallow seas rather than deep seas, like a few other species.

Cloning Edit

A giant artificial womb was created and viable embryos were injected into the egg cells of a water monitor. Cloning was successful after five tries, both two months apart from each other. Originally, thirty mosasaurus were meant to be in the park, but failure has shrunk that number.

Feeding Edit

Large genetically modified salmon are put into the exhibit and mosasaurus feed on them.

Enclosure Edit

A large tank, size unknown, houses the twenty individuals. A small stadium is fenced off, with a gate to let seven individuals in to perform.

Projects Edit

Mosasaurus is used to better understand the biology of mosasaurus that were not cloned.

Medical problems Edit

Mosasaurus have had seven miscarriages and broken teeth. Currently, things seem to look better for the mosasaurus as they are about to give birth to five little ones.