"The Smilodon surprisingly can coexist, and I could've sworn I saw the three cooperating before. Now I have actual pictures of them." ― Gregory
Gregory is an employee who works at Rebound. He is a paleontologist and photographs the animals for science. He thouroghly documents their appearance and behaviors. He actually has multiple notebooks dedicated to different groups of creature.

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I just got employed. I actually saw a live Arthropleura. This place is amazing, however, now that I am here, I should probably take notes. I'm going to start with mammals. First is Smilodon. The Smilodon can suprisingly coexist, and I could've sworn I saw three, all from the different three species, take down a cow. Smilodon fatalis is spotted. Populator is not. Gracilis is light yellow. Twenty of each species inhabit the pen. I find it interesting how gracilis behaves like a leopard. It even drags its kills up into trees. Fatalis behaves more like a mountain lion. There isn't much else I can comment on there. And Populator is like a tiger. It at least behaves like one. And the way they use their canines is just how we thought they did. Spot on. I personally thought for most extinct animals, we knew almost nothing. That included Smilodon. Now I can confirm they are great parents, great friends, and fun to watch.

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I knew mammoths were close to being brought back from extinction but this is impressive. They actually created an artificial womb for it. All species. Now we know almost everything. And I must say, I am not that impressed. Not that they aren't interesting, but they are all just like elephants. The only commentary I can say is they are exactly as we suspected. Mastodon were no different. Really, any pachyderm for that matter.

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Panthera spelaea. A quite unique cat. It ambushes, and has a scout stalk the prey. And also lure the prey there. The cubs I must say are adorable. The animals are a white yellow with brown spots like a Zanzibar leopard.

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Toxodon has opened up a realm in our understanding of its extinct relatives. It can very well defend itself. It likes spending time in cool pools. Probably the controlled climate. And considering it was the climate toxodon lived in, that could mean they like cool pools naturally. The babies are not as adorable as I thought they would be. Actually as unattractive as the adolescent xiphinactus.

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Panthera Leo atrox. Color reminds me of scar from the lion king. Twenty live here. Lions were the surrogate. Babies are as adorable as any other lion cub. They are surprisingly trusting. When I asked why, I was told that Andrew was a father figure to them. Apparently he spends an hour a day with them. This is why they don't clone that many creatures apparently. At least, he spent an hour a day in their childhood. Now the entire species is tame. Although, some behaviors remind of modern lions, so I can assume their feral form be no different.