Introduction Edit

Cearadactylus is a genus of pterosaur from the early Cretaceous shores. It is GeneTech's first cloned pterosaur, and also the loudest. Its calls can be heard for miles. This is so they can find a mate. They breed after they find a mate. They only breed five years after that. And they lay five eggs a clutch. The babies are often sold to allow for multiple projects and to clone more Species. The babies cost around five thousand bucks minimum.

Cloning Edit

After Carnotaurus was first cloned, Mr. Scott decided to go at a pterosaur. After proving to be very social, more were created, around twenty more. The embryos are inserted into ostrich eggs.

Feeding Edit

Many species of fish reside there. Most are genetically modified salmon. They breed there. This means the only need to enter the exhibit is for check ups and medical care.

Enclosure Edit

The pterosaurs are kept in a large rocky beach with many cliffs. The boundaries separating them from other species and the tourists deters them from leaving their designated areas.

Projects Edit

Cearadactylus is involved in many studies of pterosaur behaviors.