Introduction Edit

Bad Eye is not a deadly disease to the species susceptible to it. However, it is quite irritating to them. A cure is rather easy.

How an asset may get Bad Eye Edit

If an animal accidentally gets dirt in its eye, there is a chance it could get infected. Especially the case if that individual in particular has a low immune system. If average or very resilient, time will eliminate the infection before keepers even notice it.

Spread and species susceptible Edit

It is not at all contagious. In fact, some species don't get the disease altogether. The Species that do are non avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs, marine reptiles and most other reptiles. The most noticeable exeptions are squamates.

Symptoms Edit

Symptoms include eye irritation, blindness, aggression(most notable in Baryonyx), and red eyes.

Cure Edit

Time. However, for most species, a special eye drop medication exists. The animal may not be willing, but in the end, it will help it feel better.